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Omega 3

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Omega 3 is a basic supplement for general health and deserves special attention from athletes. Omega 3 fatty acids are poly unsaturated fatty acids that are mainly found in fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel, sardine). They are popularly referred to as ‘fish fatty acids’, the most well-known being EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid) and DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid). The benefits of omega 3 are obtained with a intake of 250mg to 3g of EPA and DHA per day. It is impossible to reach this dose with normal nutrition, therefore supplementation is recommended.


The general advantages of Omega 3:

  - Good for your general health⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾⁽³⁾

  - Healthy triglycerides levels⁽⁴⁾⁽⁵⁾⁽⁶⁾

  - Maintain normal blood pressure⁽⁷⁾⁽⁸⁾⁽⁹⁾⁽¹⁰⁾

  - Support the heart function⁽¹¹⁾⁽¹²⁾⁽¹³⁾

  - Support the brain function⁽¹⁴⁾⁽¹⁵⁾⁽¹⁶⁾⁽¹⁷⁾

  - Eye health⁽¹⁸⁾⁽¹⁹⁾⁽²⁰⁾⁽²¹⁾⁽²²⁾

  - Protects cells against oxidative stress⁽²³⁾⁽²⁴⁾


Omega 3 doesn’t only have positive effects on general health, but may also contribute to better recovery and performance of athletes.


The advantages of Omega 3 for athletes:

  - Anti-inflammatory effects⁽²⁵⁾⁽²⁶⁾

  - Reduce muscle soreness and muscle damage⁽²⁷⁾⁽²⁸⁾

  - Improve endurance performance⁽²⁹⁾

  - Optimize oxygen consumption⁽³⁰⁾⁽³¹⁾

  - Enhance muscle protein synthesis⁽³²⁾


Suited for:

  • Men and women looking to support their general health

  • All age groups

  • All types of athletes to supplement their nutrition plan

  • Fitness and Body Building

  • Martial Arts / MMA / Boxing

  • Athletics

  • Rugby / Soccer

  • Cycling

  • Marathon / Triathlon



Take 3 softgels per a day with a meal, every day of the week. You can divide the intake over several meals.



Omega 3 (EPA & DHA)

Omega 3 fish oil contains EPA and DHA. The intake of omega 3 fatty acids is known to play an important role in cognitive performance throughout all life stages.⁽³³⁾ EPA and DHA reduce the triglycerides concentration in the blood, reduce blood pressure and therefore have a positive effect on the heart. It can also help people with dry eyes.

Athletes have a bigger demand for omega 3, so they have to pay special attention to their nutrition plan and supplements. Omega 3 can help them improve their endurance performance by reducing oxygen consumption during intense exercise. Due to its anti-inflammatory responses and the decrease in muscle soreness, it promotes muscle recovery after intense exercise or after an injury. EPA and DHA enrichment is also linked to enhanced rates of muscle protein synthesis.




Per  3 softgels

 Omega 3

   - of which EPA  

   - of which DHA

 Vitamin E


- 540mg

- 360mg




Fish Oil, Softgel [Bovine Gelatine, Humectant (Glycerol, Purified Water)], D-Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E)



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