The Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for purchases and different actions you take on the website. Every 10 points is worth € 1,00 which you can exchange during the checkout process. You can start spending them once your balance is at a minimum of 10 points.


You earn:

  • 5 points for creating your account (that’s an easy one).
  • 1 point for each € 1,00 you spent on a purchase. So if you buy supplements for a total of € 65,00, you earn 65 points (values € 6,50).
  • 10 points for signing up to our newsletter (after you created your account. If you don’t have a registered account with the same email address, we can’t allocate the points).
  • 10 points when you review a product you bought. Your review will be verified and once approved, 10 points with automatically be added to your balance. For 5 reviews, you’ll earn € 5,-.
  • 5 points for sharing a product page on your social media.


You can see your points balance at any time in your account settings. It also shows a detailed list of your earned and spent points. Your balance is automatically updated after each purchase. Your points are valid for one year.


You can exchange the points on your balance during the checkout process of a new purchase. Your balance is displayed and you decide how many points you want to spend.

  • The minimum balance needs to be 10 points.
  • New points earned are valued after any discounts or points spent.
  • A maximum of 50% of your purchase amount* can be covered by points.

*on goods, not shipping costs


For any returns that occur, your Reward Points balance will follow accordingly.