You will get a free sample with each order, and if your order is over € 100,-, you can also choose a free goodie. If your order exceeds € 150,- , you will have more goodies to choose from and the choice is extended again if your order is over € 200,-.


How does this work?

You add your items to your shopping cart and when you want to view your cart and checkout, a pop-up will appear. You select a sample of your choice and add it to your cart where it will appear as a free item.


If your order is over € 100,- you can also select a free goodie in the same pop-up. You have to select both your sample and goodie in this pop-up and only then add them to your cart. In the top of the pop-up there will appear “selected 1 of 2” after the first item is selected. 


Free sample



You can continue to scroll to the right to select your goodie. Once “selected 2 of 2” appears, you can click the “add to cart” button.


Free goodie