A premium high-end brand:
  1. High quality and safe ingredients, promoting drug free athletes
  2. No proprietary blends, but clear and transparent formulas and labelling
  3. No redundant ingredients or “fillers”, but only active ingredients
  4. Those active ingredients are fully dosed and not sub- or underdosed
  5. Quality assurance system conform ISO2000 and HACCP. Our products are GMO free
  6. Proteins and workout drinks with natural taste (customer feedback)
We use clear product categorisation with coloured icons.

coloured icons

Shaker Cups
Product catalogues
Use of our intellectual property right to create your own SynTech website in your language. You can use the setup, text and visuals etc of our website. This way we keep the brand image consistent.
Registration or approval procedure

If you need to follow a registration/approval procedure with your national authorities, we have all product specifications sheets, ISO22000 and HACCP certificates, free of sales certificates etc available. We have extensive registration expertise and can assist you.

Become an exclusive seller

We can offer exclusivity for your country (under conditions).