Waxy Maize

Waxy Maize is a carbohydrate obtained from starch with a “high molecular weight”. The molecular weight of Waxy Maize is thousands of times higher than that of all the other carbohydrates (maltodextrine, dextrose, glucose).

Thanks to this high molecular weight, Waxy Maize has a low osmotic value (because its molecules hardly dissolve in fluids), helping it to leave the stomach two times faster than other carbohydrates. Carbohydrates with a higher osmotic value (maltodextrine and dextrose) stay in the stomach longer and “suck up” huge amounts of water causing stomach discomfort. Waxy Maize does nothing of the kind which makes it also the ideal carbohydrate for endurance athletes!

Waxy Maize rapidly enters into the intestines where it is very quickly digested and absorbed. It almost immediately supplies energy to the blood and muscles. This faster and completer absorption helps to replenish the glycogen stores during your training (when taken during training) or immediately after. Waxy Maize is absorbed twice as fast as maltodextrine or dextrose and generates an insulinpeak twice that is twiceas high.

This peak improves the transport of nutrients to and the storing of nutrients in the muscle glycogen. Waxy Maize replenishes the muscle glycogen stores more rapidly and efficiently than other carbohydrates, accelerating regeneration, decreasing muscle breakdown and increasing protein synthesis.

Research showed that cyclists who had taken Waxy Maize performed 23% better than test subjects using other carbohydrates. (1) Waixy Maize helps you to increase your training volume and intensity!

In a few words:

  • Waxy Maize passes the stomachwall twice as fast.
  • Waxy Maize generatesan insulin peak almost twice as high than carbohydrates do.
  • Waxy Maize acceleratesthereplenishment of glycogen stores and does it more efficiently than other carbohydrates. So during training, it fills up the “muscle tank” with fuel a lot faster, and it also allows to recuperate faster after the training.
  • Waxy Maize increases your training intensity and improves your force, resistance and stamina.

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1) Stephens,F.B.Roig,M.Armstrong,G.&GreenhaffP.L., Journal of Sports Sciences, 26,149-154,2008