Svetol® is a natural extract of caffeine free green coffee beans and has a considerable effect on the fat burning process. Svetol® is composed for about 50% of chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acids are polyphenols with a low antioxidant effect, which according to a number of studies have recently proven to be very efficient in weight loss.

Only recently, a research was published in Phytothérapie in which volunteers lost an average of 5kg over a period of 60 days by using Svetol®. (1) “Svetol®, anextract of caffeine free green coffee beans that induces weight loss and increases the fat to lean mass ratio among volunteers dealing with overweight”.

Other studies have confirmed these findings. (2) (3) (4)

The active dose is 400mg per day, spread over one or more servings. We use 2 servings of 200mg.

Svetol® is used as a key ingredient in Synedrine.

Synedrine SynTech Svetol

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