EGCG (from green tea / Camellia sinensis)

EGCG is the most important of the various polyphenols (Antioxidant) found in green tea (Camellia sinensis). Apart from its health benefits, this type of catechin also reduces body fat when used in the correct dose!

Many food supplement manufacturers put green tea in their fat burners, but these often contain too few EGCG. The common dose in these products is only 100mg (standardized at only 8 or 19% of EGCG). So these products contain only a fraction of the efficient daily dose.


A good daily dose of EGCG is about 270mg per day. Adding more EGCG or just doubling the dose will not do the trick, because the extra effect it will have on fat burning is only negligible. (1)

Synedrine does not only contain the optimal daily dose of EGCG, but the ingredients are also produced according to the water extraction method.This is the most natural production method there is, because no chemicals are used.It is also the most expensive production method, because more green tea is used. Still, it is the healthiest method!

It is of vital importance to combine these EGCG with caffeine in order to optimize the fat burning process. The caffeine used in Synedrine is naturally extracted from guarana.

EGCG is used as a key ingredient in Synedrine.

Synedrine SynTech EGCG

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