Beta-alanine is an amino acid that combined with histidine, forms the dipeptide “carnosine” in the muscle cells. Carnosine is an intramuscular buffer. When muscle cells contract, they produce acid. The higher the degree of acidity (pH) in the cells, the harder it will be for muscles to contract. However, carnosine has a neutralizing effect on that acid.So, more carnosine in your muscle cells, means harder and more efficient workouts and less fatigue.

Beta-alanine belongs to the top 3 of the best scientifically studied sport supplements. The results are not dramatic, but they are very robust.

Beta-alanine is a multifunctional supplement which can be used by both power and endurance athletes:

  • Power training
    Beta-alanine allows a power athlete to knock out 20% more reps after using it for a month (5g per day)!

    When power athletes combine beta-alanine with creatine, it increases the effect obtained by creatine. aan effect Beta-alanine and creatine are both supplements that complement each other synergistically. According to a study with well trained power athletes, a daily dose of 3g of beta-alanine and 10g of creatine had more effect on the muscle mass than the creatine itself. (1) By combining these two complements, bodybuilders gained 1,7kg more lean muscle mass than without combing them. So in conclusion, it is especially important for power athletes to combine beta-alanine with creatine.
  • Endurance sport, athletics and team sports
    According to recent research conducted by the Catholic University of Leuven, beta-alanine helps professional cyclists to perform better during their final sprint. (2) Beta-alanine supplementation (up to 4g per day) during 8 weeks increased strength (peak power increased by eleven percent and average power with five percent). It is exactly that increase in power that was responsible for the better performance of the cyclists during their final sprint.
    Beta-alanine also makes interval training more efficient (3), because the cyclists who participated in the study and took beta-alanine (6g the first 3 weeks and a half a dose afterwards) were able to perform longer at 110% of their VO2 Max than the other test subjects who received a placebo.

    During similar studies (4,5g during 30 days), American football players were able to increase their training volume and experienced less fatigue.
    Beta alaline
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